Trailer for ‘The Final Member’ a film about a penis museum, and two would-be-donors



Back in 2012 we posted a review for a film titled The Final Member that made its premiere at Fantastic Fest. Two years later and Drafthouse Films will finally release the film into select theaters & VOD on Friday, April 18th. The setting for this very strange documentary is a museum, located in Iceland, which houses a collection of preserved mammalian penises. But Siggi’s collection remains incomplete without its missing piece, its crown jewel, its Final Member–the genitalia of a human male. The film tells the history of the museum, and the surprising competition between multiple would-be donors. The first donor is a Páll Arason, a celebrated Icelandic explorer and womanizer who has agreed to donate his penis upon his death. The second is Tom Mitchell, a Californian exhibitionist who calls his penis Elmo and offers to undergo a complete penectomy. As the competition heats up between the two men, Siggi soon discovers that this process is more complicated than it initially appeared.


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