Trailer for the Norwegian Horror Outing ‘Dark Souls; features a Driller Killer

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Norway has been making movies for quite a long time, but the horror genre seems to be something relatively new to the nation. Despite the 1958 whodunnit slasher Lake Of Dead, very few fright flicks have been made in Norway. Still the country does still manage to produce some quality scares from time to time, most noticeably the recent 2009 hits Dead Snow (featuring zombie Nazis) and Hidden which was featured as part of the After Dark Horrorfest. Well now it seems you can add Dark Souls to the list of Norwegian Horror. The film will be making it’s premiere at the Brussel International Fantastic Film Festival in April, and will laster screen at Cannes in May. You can’t help but think that Abel Ferrar’s 1979 slasher / video nasty The Driller Killer was an inspiration for this film.

Here is the official plot synopsis and trailer for the film.

When Morten Ravn’s (Morten Ruda) daughter, Johanna (Johanna Gustavsson), is savagely attacked and seemingly murdered, he is shocked when she appears on his doorstep soon after receiving word of her death. Keeping her safe in their small apartment, she begins to display zombie-like symptoms and vomits a black tar-like bile. Soon, there are 30 similar attacks by a mysterious madman armed with a powerful drill. Frustrated with the lack of results from the local police, Morten begins to investigate the attacks and tracks the killer back to his hideout in secluded manufacturing plant where he begins to uncover the secrets behind the assaults and piece together the mysteries surrounding the driller killer.

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