Trailer: “Freakonomics”

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Based on the popular bestselling novel, Freakonomics is a documentary capturing an entertaining array of case studies dealing with human behaviors.  Brought to you by Magnolia Pictures, and directed by Alex Gibney, this film comes out October 1st.

To be honest, after watching the trailer, my mind was left a bit off balanced. If you were to ask me a minute after watching, what the film was about, I may have been tongue-tied and a tad mumbled jumbled. Is the film about economics, racial stereotypes, going against the grain of social norms? Or was it all of those? I still can’t place my finger on it, which leaves me a bit unsettled. Part of me wants to follow one of these offbeat case studies closely, and get to know what makes that person tick. Part of me wants the film to be about a single or few behaviors, so we can really sympathize with a character and their symptoms, but the bloated nature of the trailer puts that theory down.  It’s jam-packed with unique characters under unique situations, seemingly more of a happy-go-lucky joy ride then a pencil and pad scientific case study. It appears as one of those documentaries, where you have to look at the forest instead of the trees, and just leave your pencils at home.  Although I would like  the film to make me think, I’m expecting more laughs than equations, which is fine with me.  Are you game? Find out by watching the trailer below.

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