Trailer: Greenberg

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Greenberg – Hailed as a return to form for Noah Baumbach after 2007’s Margot at the Wedding failed to find an audience.  This one stars Ben Stiller as Roger Greenberg a middle aged slacker who, after a nervous breakdown, moves to L.A. to house sit for his wealthy brother.  Almost as an act of defiance against his disappointing life he decides to spend his days doing nothing.  Sparks begin to fly when he meets his brother’s assistant (Greta Gerwig).  But like all of Baumbach’s films things are never simple.  Gerwig isn’t a romantic interest to give us and Greenberg a happy ending.  Despite some minor complaints about the unlikable character Stiller plays, his performance has been getting good marks.  But it’s Mumblecore actress Gerwig who is the breakout, with Baumbach using her unusual combination of sweetness and goofiness to great success.  Focus features is set for a limited release on March 26th.

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