Trailer: “Jackass 3D”

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Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and Bam Margera are back for their third theatrical installment, Jackass 3D, filled with more stomach heaving, groin aching, and eye marveling stunts then ever before.  What makes this go even more entertaining is the use of 3D camera technology, as opposed to shooting in 2D and later converting to the 3D format. That’s right, the same methods used to capture humans waging war on Na’vi in majestic Pandora, is the same as those capturing the idiotic world of  jet-ski flying, fish slapping, and midget tossing. But before you put your glasses down, think for a second if this is exactly what 3D has been waiting for.  Many feel 3D is still gimmicky, using it’s pop out effects to heighten it’s entertainment value and not plot narrative. Do you feel the physical use of Jackass 3D‘s  footage compliments what we typically get out of 3D movies today, or do you feel that there are better ways to get use of this technological advancement? Check out the trailer below to decide and go see this brainless comedy out in theaters October 15th:

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