Trailer: “Jane Eyre” Plays Up The Gothic Horror

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Fans of Cary Fukunaga‘s highly overlooked debut Sin Nombre, have been anticipating his follow-up, a new adaptation of Charlotte Bronte‘s classic novel Jane Eyre. We now finally have an official poster, trailer and plot synopsis for the film. The film starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender with a screenplay written by Moira Buffini is set for release on March 11, 2011. Some may remember that the script appeared on the 2008 Brit List, a film-industry-compiled list of the best unproduced screenplays in British film. The adaptation is expected to stick closely to the book, but Fukunaga has decided he will play up the Gothic elements of the classic novel. Fukunaga stated, “I’ve spent a lot of time rereading the book and trying to feel out what Charlotte Brontë was feeling when she was writing it. That sort of spookiness that plagues the entire story… there’s been something like 24 adaptations, and it’s very rare that you see those sorts of darker sides. They treat it like it’s just a period romance, and I think it’s much more than that.”

Official synopsis:

Based on Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel, the romantic drama stars Mia Wasikowska (“Alice in Wonderland”) and Michael Fassbender (“Inglourious Basterds”) in the lead roles. In the story, Jane Eyre flees Thornfield House, where she works as a governess for wealthy Edward Rochester. The isolated and imposing residence – and Mr. Rochester’s coldness – have sorely tested the young woman’s resilience, forged years earlier when she was orphaned. As Jane reflects upon her past and recovers her natural curiosity, she will return to Mr. Rochester – and the terrible secret that he is hiding…

Yahoo has the trailer in HD.

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