Trailer: Lucky McKee’s Shocking But Challenging ‘The Woman’

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I recently had the chance to watch the Canadian Premiere for Lucky McKee’s latest film The Woman at the Fantasia Film Festival earlier this month. The film was a huge success winning the silver prize for most innovative feature. Justine Smith wrote an excellent review for the film saying, “The Woman is both shocking and challenging, revealing a pattern ingrained social misogyny. What is left unsaid about The Woman’s origins reveals a long list of questions we’d prefer not to ask about our preferred social ignorance in regards to abuse. Lucky McGee daringly depicts violence against women that makes you want to look away. Being huge fans of the director, we are set to record an entire special on his filmography for our radio show. The show should be online within the next two weeks, but in the meantime check out the trailer below.
Synopsis: Out on a night of hunting, a man spots a primitive, wild woman whose feral ways he tries to tame after he captures her. In his basement he subjugates her through violence in an effort to ‘civilize’ her. The essence of what it is to be human is tested until breaking point when his family becomes involved and the atrocities he is responsible for come to light in a shocking and unfathomable way.

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