Fantasia 2010: Ricky D Recommends Mandrill

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Anyone who is familiar with Ernesto Diaz Espinoza’s earlier film Mirageman should be excited about Mandrill. Described as Batman Begins (if you took away Bruce Wayne’s bankroll) or better yet a pre-cursor to Kick-Ass; the film is about a young man who wants to become a superhero in order to inspire, and help his traumatized younger brother. It was a major hit at festivals across North America including Austin’s Fantastic Fest and Toronto’s After Dark. What that film lacked in budget was made up for in heart and entertainment and quickly won the hearts of many fanboys across the globe.

The Chilean born director and his action star collaborator, Marko Zaror, are three films deep now, with a fourth (in 3D!) on the way. Mandrill is essentially a spy film about a bounty hunting hitman called Mandrill who is always on the lookout for the man who killed his parents when he was a child. When a contract comes up and it looks like this may finally be the man responsible for the death of his parents Mandrill discovers that the only way to get to him is through his daughter Dominic. But revenge is often a terrible cycle and Mandrill may not see this through to the end.

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