Trailer: “Monsters”

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In the vein of District 9, Gareth Edwards brings us the sci-fi low-budget film Monsters. Monsters tells the story of a US journalist escorting an American tourist through a quarantined Mexico, plagued by aliens since six years ago when a NASA probe crashed back to earth carrying a new life form.

A release date for October 10th 2010 has been set, starring Whitney Able and Scoot McNairy. The likelihood that something new and original will come about from this film looks slim, since it’s riding the coattails of the success from last year’s monster movie hit.  Do you think the visual tease of a devastatingly deserted Central American and tentacle-swinging land octopuses will captivate our attention enough, or will it only be considered the Latin ripoff of a better South African based version? Decide for yourself by watching the trailer below:

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