Trailer: Our Days Are Numbered

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A Zombie death pit, unique, bizarre, and sometimes loveable Zombies, Hot Chicks – all are part of famed Zombie horror flick producer Coven Delacruz and Condemned Productions new short film Our Days Are Numbered which follows up on Andy, Ken, and Casey’s attempts to avoid a hoard of fast moving human looking Zombies inadvertently created by Andy in Delacruz’ earlier film The Days Before.  Fans of The Days Before wanted more and they sure got more in the short film Our Days Are Numbered; which, by the way, won the Best Short Film award at the Darker Side of Film festival.

In Our Days Are Numbered Andy, Ken, and Casey have just narrowly escaped from the hungry Zombies and are looking for a safe place to hide.  Instead they discover the Zombies most evil device – THE PIT OF DEATH.  You may never know what is in the pit of death because no one has ever gotten out before – alive that is.

The Zombies Andy, Ken and Casey face can appear normal.  Cigarette Zombie appears to be just a normal carnival worker; Truck Driver Zombie seems to be a normal deliveryman living on a quite street; Clown Zombie seems to be a “friendly” clown at a carnival; and Bride and Groom Zombies are heading to the church.  Just a normal day in the neighborhood – right.  Wait, the church is not a church, but the pit of death and the normal people you see around you are Zombies – hungry for you.

Our Days Are Numbered has it all, lots of action, stressed out heroes, beautiful sexy women, and strange mutant Zombies, and the Zombie PIT OF DEATH.  It will please even the most diehard Zombie fans.

The movie stars veteran horror film stars: Coven Delacruz as Andy, Seth Delacruz as Ken, and Corrie Davidson as Casey.

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