Trailer: Oxide Pang is back with ‘The Detective 2’

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Oxide Pang’s The Detective was a pretty big hit across seas, so it’s no surprise they decided to make a sequel. The gritty supernatural thriller, set in Bangkok, featured some great performances, most noteably by Aaron Kwok and Oxide Pang (who is of course one half of the Pang Brothers). The trailer for The Detective 2 is now online, and the plot feels a little darker this time around.

Here is the official plot synopsis:

Mysteries keep revolving around Tam’s life. Not only does this ex-police officer and now a private detective struggle to make sense of the mysterious death of his parents, he is further entangled in a case which escalates out of control into a spree of serial killings, that started when his childhood buddy Fung showed him some crime scene photos.

Via Film Smash

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