Trailer: ‘Parental Guidance’ hopes for old-fashioned holiday cheer

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The holidays are, of course, when families come together to celebrate the spirit of the season, and Hollywood is always prepared to woo the whole family to the multiplex with all sorts of new films. 20th Century Fox and Walden Media have joined forces to get the holiday crowds excited for Parental Guidance, a new comedy starring Billy Crystal and Bette Midler as an older married couple whose daughter (Marisa Tomei) asks them to babysit her three children while she and her husband go away for work. Of course, wackiness ensues (when does it not?), as the old-school grandparents clash with a more modern style of parenting that’s dissimilar from they raised their child. Despite a few tendencies to indulge in Three Stooges-esque slapstick, the Parental Guidance trailer shows a bit of promise, at least in Crystal and Midler getting to bounce off each other for a couple of hours. Check out the trailer below, then make sure to call your family now to make holiday plans! (Three months early, but you should always be prepared.)

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