Trailer: Peter Mullan’s Dark Coming of Age Tale ‘Neds’

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We’ve been reporting on the English coming of age, 70’s period piece Neds since early last year. Susannah gave it a raving review saying, “Peter Mullan’s last film, the award-winning The Magdalene Sisters, was about vulnerable young women suffering oppression and brutality at the hands of some over-zealous nuns. Here he presents sarcasm, cynicism and the oft-wielded strap as the chief weapons of Scottish educators – at least in the state school sector” (read the full review here). Scottish director Peter Mullan’s showcases the semi-biographical tale of John McGill (Conor McCarron), a model student of the 1970′s who falls into a downturn with a violent Glasgow gang called the “Non-Educated Delinquents.” After being bullied by the gang, and straying away from the advice of his teachers, clergymen, and family; McGill slowly joins the darker side in this “prey-becomes- predator” story starring a cast of newcomers.

Watch the trailer below.

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  1. Ell-Jay says

    Just thought I’d point out that its not “the English coming of age…” – this film was made entirely in Scotland – so its Scottish (not English)…we’re very particular about that mistake here in Scotland!
    Thanks, ;-)

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