Trailer: Sammo Hung is back again in ‘Choy Lee Fut’

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Not too long ago, an incomplete and unofficial trailer for the upcoming Chinese martial arts film Choy Lee Fut (aka Choy Li Fut), was released. While the trailer showed promise, it was hard to really get excited about yet another martial arts movie that seemed to rely heavily on CGI. However now that the studios have released an official full trailer, fans of action veteran Sammo Hung can book place this film on their must see list.

Official plot synopsis:

The story revolves around two best friends in Europe (played by real-life best friends Sammy Hung and Kane Kosugi) who love martial arts. They are Hung Gar exponents after learning the art from Hung’s father (Sammo Hung). When they want to learn other forms of martial arts, they head off to China in an attempt to learn the art of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu. Kosugi’s character wants to learn the art because his grandfather was once defeated by a female exponent of the art and wanted to learn but never had the chance to. When the duo head to China, they learn that the Choy Li Fut school is being challenged by a rival school. Hung and Kosugi enter a martial arts tournament to save the future of the school.

The film, which also stars Yuen Wah, Lau Kar Wing, Ian Powers, and Sam Wong, is scheduled to open in China on March 31st, 2011.

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  1. Jeffrey Stockton (honolulu) says

    Its a decent, fun movie, but not on the same level as IP MAN. If IP MAN was a 9/10, this is a 6/10. Its great seeing Sammo back in action though.

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