Trailers: ‘Happy Feet Two’ offers more minstral action

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I never understood the success of the first Happy Feet film in 2006.  I saw it and hated it from the word go.  It struck me as obnoxious, cloying, and racist.  Yes this is a movie that celebrates diversity by having the whitest cast in the world and having the tow non-white penguins voiced by Robin Williams doing two offensive accents.  George Miller’s film made a shitload of money and beat the more deserving Monster House for Best Animated Feature in 2007, which means one thing  : sequel.  Not only is Miller back directing but Elijah Wood and Williams are also returning to lend their voices.  The new cast includes Elizabeth Daily, Pink, Matt Damon, Hank Azaria, and Brad Pitt.  The film will be in 3D as well, something I am sure everyone is looking forward to.

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