Trailers: ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ Green Band Trailer

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I am so happy to report that the long awaited official trailer for David Fincher’s version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has hit the internet.  On Saturday night, a mini firestorm was stirred when the red-band trailer, which was reportedly attached to The Hangover Part II on select screens, hit YouTube and sat there for about a week.  Normally when this kind of leak happens, the studio responds quickly by taking it down within minutes.  Instead, this red-band trailer, which was reported to be hitting the internet sometime this week, was allowed to stay on YouTube, calling into question whether this was in fact a studio leak by Columbia Pictures.  There were also reports suggesting that the red-band trailer played in Europe and the leak actually came from a theater in Europe.  This is really fishy because that trailer has the MPAA red-band tag before it, something that would never happen in Europe since the MPAA’s rules don’t apply over there.  The bootleg was also a pretty high quality, something that we rarely see with these kinds of things.

Still, we finally have an official release of the green band trailer and it’s virtually identical, with the exception of a few R rated shots including Rooney Mara’s Lisbeth topless and Daniel Craig’s Mikael Blomkvist with a bloody face missing.  Once again we have the same cover of Led Zeppelin’s “The Immigrant Song” by Karen O. and Trent Reznor playing throughout the trailer.  The trailer kicks ass and backs up Fincher’s promise of this being a hard R film with all the disturbing content from the book.  We also get to see shots of Robin Wright as Erika Berger, Christopher Plummer as Henrik Vanger, and Stellan Skarsgard, looking identical to the original Blomkvist played by Michael Nyqvist, as Martin Vanger.

The big question to most people will be how Mara’s Lisbeth Salander measures up to Noomi Rapace, who helped makes Lisbeth an iconic character in the original Swedish films.  While there are some shots where Mara looks almost identical to Rapace, they have a completely different look.  Mara’s Lisbeth actually looks more like how the character was described in Stieg Larsson’s original novel.  The big question for me is how Daniel Craig will do as Mikael Blomkvist.  Michael Nyqvist proved to be invaluable as Blomkvist and is every bit as good as Rapace.  Not only does his appearance match up with Larsson’s description of the character in the book but after seeing the original trilogy, I can’t imagine someone else playing that part.  I actually think Skarsgard would have been a much better choice.

Still, as someone who read all three books in the span of six months, this trailer has me even more excited to see what Fincher will do with his adaptation. A couple of nitpicks: I am not a fan of “THE FEEL BAD MOVIE OF CHRISTMAS” as a tagline because it feels too much like they are winking at the audience.  Another thing that has me puzzled is why Fincher’s name doesn’t appear anywhere in the teaser.  The same thing happened with the marketing for The Social Network but I could understand the reasoning behind that because that wasn’t easily identifiable as “a David Fincher film.” This, however, this is Fincher’s bread and butter.  Still, these are minor complaints.  The film opens on December 21st.


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