‘Transcendence’, the debut feature of Wally Pfister, releases two trailers


As filmmaker Christopher Nolan has gone from independent movies to blockbusters, one consistent aspect of his crew has been cinematographer Wally Pfister, who has worked with Nolan on movies such as Memento and The Dark Knight Rises while also carving a name for himself with films such as The Italian Job and Moneyball. His recent decision to branch out into directing had many people intrigued. His debut feature, titled Transcendence, sees him also share re-writing duties on the script, and working with a cast that includes Johnny Depp, Cillian Murphy, Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman, Rebecca Hall, Paul Bettany, and Clifton Collins Jr. The first trailer for the film has now been released, and can be seen below.

(Source: Collider)

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