Tuesday Movie Poster Round Up

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1. Rabbit Hole: Grade C

There is an interesting image of Kidman in the text, but the tire swing makes it seem like its trying too hard.

2. Saint Misbehavin’: Grade C

The silliness of the poster is fun, particularly the different stages of Wavy Gravy’s life, but it seems to lack color or flair that would befit the subject matter.

3. Unstoppable: Grade F

Sometimes I have to pick a poster just because it is so awful. Behold, Unstoppable. Yes, this mess exists.

4. Allah ke Banday: Grade B

The blending of gold and grays works well, and of course the children’s dangling feet is provocative. As if their feet should be playfully dangling in a pool of water, instead they are watching over their militarized city.

5. The Divide: Grade C+

A very similar poster to one from Monsters, so a few points are taken off for lack of originality, but there is a gritty horror to it that can’t be overlooked.

6. Last Night: Grade B

This is another poster that isn’t wholly original, but the images, particularly the one on the top, tell a story of angst, which is effective.

7. Jolene: Grade C-

This would have been such a great poster, if not for one terrible element. The color, and the landscape is perfect, but why is there nearly an entire review for the film on the poster? A small blurb wouldn’t work?

8. Macherovgaltis: Grade B

A very simple, yet provocative poster, not unlike the poster for Last Night, there is an angst and desperation seeping through.

9. Rakta Charitra: Grade A

I love this poster. It’s angry and violent, and the red of the blood is beautiful. It is a viscerally beautiful poster.

10. Red State: Grade A+

Pardon the pun, but this poster is haunting. It is terrifying imagery that I must assume is devised to cull the idea of many people’s fear of god. It is an effectively stark, and creepy image.

  1. Sound On Sight-Ricky


  2. James Merolla says

    Train wreck! Why didn’t I think of that? It’s so obvious.

  3. Tyler Schirado says

    i think you could say that the Unstoppable poster is the embodiment of a design… train wreck…

  4. James Merolla says

    Thank you, look for it every Tuesday.

  5. mromariz says

    Loved this article more of this please!

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