Tuesday Movie Poster Round Up

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1. Kandahar: Grade B

Once again, a great poster from an Indian film. It’s hard to tell if this is supposed to be funny, but either way, it’s hilarious.

2. Un Mexicano Mas: Grade C-

An interesting image, but it seems to be pasted together haphazardly. The photoshopped frog and duct tape seem especially lazy.

3. Pancho Villa: Itineraro de una passion: Grade B

Remove the taglines and some of the other clutter and this poster is nearly perfect. But perhaps it has a bit too much of a sheen to it.

4. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger: Grade C

The pink is certainly eye catching, but the random images of the cast is always a bad idea. It always looks like a collage of images with no rhyme or reason.

5. The Green Hornet: Grade D

It’s fun and flashy, but pretty ugly otherwise. It looks like there may be three or four posters mashed into one.

6. The King’s Speech: Grade C-

This is a very boring poster. Couldn’t they at least make it look like Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were in the same room?

7. Just Go With It: Grade F

Believe it or not, this isn’t as bad as the grade would indicate. The open space, and color is good, but overall it is bland and generic.

8. Apollo 18: Grade C

Another film about evil malevolent aliens, should be just as exciting as the other six films being released within the same year that are just like it. I’ll calm down. The poster is pretty cool, but seems to be lacking something.

9. Heartbeats: Grade A

Ah, finally a poster that actually expresses some degree of emotion and mood from the film. Everything is written on the faces of the actors, and the color is moody and not overbearing.

10. Heartbeats: Grade A+

I love this Warhol-esque flash of color and energy. Like the previous poster there is good expression of emotion and mood, but it has a slightly more provocative flair.

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