Tuesday Movie Poster Round up

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1. The King’s Speech: Grade B

This has great color, and a good image, but do we have to get so close and personal with  Colin Firth’s pores?

2. The Beaver: Grade B+

I still can’t make heads or tails of this film yet, but I know a good poster when I see one. It’s inherently goofy with the beaver on Gibson’s hand, and the deep, dark greens in the background are great.

3. Red State: Grade B

Every poster I’ve seen for this film so far is very good. They are consistently stylistically sparse in design leaving room for the observer to let their minds wander and fill in the gaps.

4. Vanishing: Grade C-

The use of the shadows is a little creepy, but the rest is a little muddled and ugly.

5. I Am Number Four: Grade B+

A little derivative, but the color and the minimalist design is very strong.

6. Shoah: Grade A

This may be the strongest overall week for the round up yet, thanks to great expressive posters like this. There is a foggy sadness that permeates the poster. The whole mood of the film is written on the face of the old man.

7. The Adjustment Bureau: Grade D

When I said that thing about it maybe being the strongest overall week for the round up, perhaps I spoke too soon. The design is good, but the image of Blunt and Damon photoshopped in is so awkward looking, it brings the entire poster down.

8. The Assistants: Grade F

Unfortunately I had to dole out one F this week, and it goes to this lazy, ugly mess. How often have we seen very similar posters? This style has never worked.

9. Skeletons: Grade B+

Is it me, or does the gentleman on the right look like John Candy? Moving on, I love the subtle surrealism and the muted colors, creating a dreamlike feel.

10. “And Everything is Going Fine”: Grade A+

The Poster of The Week is just about perfect. It is breezy yet, has a clear and defined levity to it. The strongest aspect is the use of black and white. The sharpness in contrast allows the image to jump at you rather than put you to sleep.

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  1. My Head Exploded says

    “but I know a good poster when I see one,” you’re joking right?

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