Tuesday Movie Poster Round Up

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1. Red State: Grade C-

We start off this week with yet another poster from Red State, and this is perhaps the worst one. It’s certainly comical, and the design is still interesting, but there is very little to separate it from other posters beside the minimalist design.

2. Angel: Grade C-

Great use of color, but far too smooth and clean, which renders the poster a little flat. The tagline is also a little tired.

3. Paul: Grade C

Hey, it’s Paul! The white text against the yellow background is kind of terrible, but the casual posture of the title character is subtly funny.

4. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale: Grade C

I still don’t know what to make of this film, and the poster does a good job of piquing that curiosity by making Santa look a little menacing and creepy, and the cold lifeless background, is very strange for a Christmas movie, though I never thought this was supposed to be a conventional “Christmas movie”.

5. Jew Suss: Rise and Fall: Grade B-

The subject matter makes this poster more interesting. The film is about an actor who stars in an anti-Semitic film, so obviously, the expression on the actor’s face elicits a smirk from anyone who knows the premise, and for those who don’t, it is still expressive enough to catch the eye.

6. Prom: Grade C+

A strangely provocative poster for a Disney movie. But, that is the only thing that makes it interesting. Maybe they are trying to express a loss of innocence that typically and stereotypically is associated with proms. Or perhaps they have no idea what they are saying.

7. Beijing Punk: Grade B

The weakest part of the poster is the title. If it were really cut into the person’s hair, maybe it would hold a little more weight, but otherwise it seems a little forced. Otherwise, the looming symbolism of the Chinese flag behind the rebellious symbol of the punk spikes is a fun dichotomy.

8. Fast Five: Grade F

This movie, and its poster exist.

9. Another Year: Grade B+

I’m such a sucker for posters like this. The color and the broad details of the illustration is great.

10. Womb: Grade A+

The Poster of The Week is hauntingly disturbing, and has a cold poetry to it. It is emotionally barren, any feelings are simply scars left behind. Good poster.

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