Tuesday Movie Poster Round Up

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The Experiment: Grade A

I think this is by far the best poster to be released this week. Adrien Brody looks menacing yet desperate staring into the security camera. If you hadn’t heard anything about the film prior to seeing the poster, you would at least know it is a prison escape film. The photo is beautifully framed, to the point and carries a great tag line.

Nanny McPhee: Grade D

This is supposed to be a children’s movie? I’m a grown man and this poster will give me nightmares. You might think I would give this one a bad grade for that, which I will, but I admire such a frightening poster, so it avoided the F.

Knight and Day: Grade F

This poster is every bit as dull as the film looks to be. I enjoy Tom Cruise’s off-the-wall zaniness, and apparently he lays it on thick in this film, why not embrace that in a poster, rather than show off a stunt that will more than likely illicit eye rolls from audiences.

Twelve: Grade D –

I thought posters like this went out of style about three years ago, but this poster seems to be trying to spearhead the renaissance of posters where all the characters are randomly compartmentalized nicely in a box.

Winnebago Man: Grade A

I love this poster. It’s both pretty to look at, and funny. It harkens back to the old school hand painted posters, even giving it the old weathered look. But, I think it is the colors that really set it apart from most posters. The blues and greens are inviting to the eye. I wish more posters would avoid catching the eye, and rather, lure the eye. It is much more appealing.

Rango: Grade B –

I like this for similar reasons I like the Winnebago Man poster. It’s funny and easy on the eyes. However I had to knock points off for the fact that it doesn’t give us much more than that, and I’m beginning to get tired of posters that simply present the main character broad and blunt, upfront and personal. It was interesting the first 10 films that did it.

Life During Wartime: Grade A

I’m not sure how I feel about this poster. I think I like it…..yes I definitely like it. It is subtle, yet it has a spark of creativity rarely seen. It’s subversive and poetic, and seems to have a great deal of self-awareness.

Tron Legacy:  Grade B –

Though I generally have an aversion to “flashy” “eye-catching” posters, there is a sleek smoothness to this poster that is appealing. I don’t feel like I’m being bombarded by ugly, loud art. I feel welcomed, and accepted to the party, that is Tron Legacy.

Friction: Grade C –

This is a really bland unremarkable poster. I like the doodle art that frames the characters, but other than that it’s dull and forgettable. I feel a bit misled by the obnoxious quote at the top. It seems too much like a proud exclamation “look someone said something nice!” I’m sure I will forget all about this poster.

Spoken Word: Grade C +

The framing in this poster is interesting, it has a bit of a John Ford feel to it, and the soft blue of the sky (I like blues) contrasted with the gold of the landscape is nice. However, I took points off for the display of the characters all looking hurt and distraught. This must be a serious film, about serious issues. Why do the characters even have to be there? Wouldn’t it be far more interesting to simply display that framing of the sky and landscape, with that cemetery setting? We don’t need the poorly photoshopped people to understand that this is a serious film, and you’d have a much nicer work of art to advertise your movie.

Stonewall Uprising: Grade A +

This is my favorite poster of the week. It is visceral, ugly, and beautiful all at once. It captures the frustrated agony of rebellion in the faces of the men. This poster gives you a piece of the documentary before you even see the film. It is a striking piece of art on its own.

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