Tuesday Movie Poster Round Up

1. Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallow: Grade B

Dark, foreboding, but not quite as shocking as I think they were going for with it. But, it is still interesting visually. I like the streaky clouds in the sky, and find it somewhat odd that it is daylight. Perhaps that is a subversive nod to Harry’s victory on the horizon?

Well, that is about the extent of thought I will be exerting on Harry Potter this year.

2. The Extra Man: Grade C

The theme of this week’s roundup is off-beat. Whether it be a stylistic decision or just poor taste, all of the posters immediately strike the observer with how off-beat they are. The Extra Man poster is puzzling. I can’t tell if it is good or bad. The washed out pasty look of Kevin Kline and Paul Dano could serve to represent, what I assume, are dastardly characters, but the whole cropped, photoshopped look of the two is off-beat in a bad way. I wish the people making movie posters would throw their computers out.

3. Going The Distance: Grade D

Oh, look, another generic Drew Barrymore comedy. What is off-beat about this one, you might ask? Drew Barrymore, she is unrecognizable. She is the main draw for the film and she looks like Mathew Perry* in drag. Maybe it is my lack of enthusiasm for the film, but I just can’t stand this poster for a number of reasons, but, mostly it is my apathetic feelings toward such a banal looking repeat of Barrymore’s last eight films. It’s a shame too, because the poster uses a nice shade of blue.

*Mathew Perry was a menial star in the 90’s and early part of the aughts. He starred on the sit-com Friends and in the film The Whole Nine Yards opposite Bruce Willis.

4. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger: Grade B+

I enjoy the negative look of this poster, and it’s blatantly suggestive nature. However, why do the hands have painted fingernails? Was the artist afraid we wouldn’t understand that those are female hands? Do they not look feminine enough?

5. Shanghai: Grade A

Lovely, and nostalgic. You can almost smell the cigarette smoke from this poster. And yes, it is a little derivative of many posters, but the elegant beauty of Li Gong more than makes up for that.

6. I Love You Phillip Morris: Grade C +

I’m a little befuddled by this poster. On one hand I love the bronzed arrogance of Jim Carrey, the white pants, the gaudy belt buckle, the zipper shirt, it’s beautiful. However, that is where the wonderful imagination dies, with very thoughtless stills from the film that have very little to say, and only look out of place.

7. The Scorcer’s Apprentice: Grade F

The Mattrix ruined this particular shade of green for every form of media forever. Not that the color is the only thing working against this poster. I mean, just look at it.

8. Father of My Children: Grade: B+

There is a natural and subtle beauty to this poster, the family surrounded by the green of nature is warm and comfortable. My only complaint is the photo clips at the top of the poster, and the illusion that the post is, in fact, a developing photograph. It’s unnecessary.

9. The Concert: Grade A

On the surface this poster looks terrible, but that is precisely why it is brilliant. It has that off-beat quirky awkwardness that I am immediately drawn too. The whole thing looks thrown together using a generic background, and an odd stock photo of the two stars of the film. It is uneven, and unlike the poster for Father of My Children, it is extremely uncomfortable, like trying to relax in a wet pair of pants.

10. Breathless: Grade A+

This is my poster of the week. A classic look for a classic film. The unconventional beauty of Jean Seberg, and the sex appeal of Jean-Paul Belmondo are on full display, as they mingle with a New Wave-esque splashes of color. A wonderful poster, and one of the very few I’d be willing to put on my wall.

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