Tuesday Movie Poster Round Up

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1. Saw 3D: Grade F

Even if you don’t like the Saw franchise, you have to admit that there is usually something clever and cheeky about the posters. However, there is nothing of the sort with this poster. It is as uninteresting as the film will no doubt be. I hope this is the last of this awful franchise.

2. Sucker Punch: Grade B

There isn’t anything especially great about this one. It is a pretty typical character poster. As far as the design itself, I like the detail that was paid to the background. It seems to be meticulously constructed. But, I can’t hide the fact that the real reason I chose this poster is because of my love for Emily Browning. I looked at this about 10 times before I even noticed anything about the “meticulously constructed” background.

Beautiful people make for good posters, for no other reason than the fact that they immediately catch one’s attention. After all, movie posters are essentially advertisements. I’m just trying to justify the fact that I saw Emily Browning and immediately loved the poster.

3. It’s Kind of A Funny Story: Grade D-

This poster is incredibly generic. I’ve seen it a million times. At first glance, with the red border, and random shots of the actors it looks like the poster for Superbad. Did they even try with this poster, or did they simply whip together a collage of elements from other posters, which weren’t particularly interesting either?

4. The Dead Matter: Grade C-

I’m even sure what is going on in this poster, but I like it. It reminds me of the old horror films of the 80’s with their cheese cover art, sitting wrinkled and faded on the shelves of my local video store. They always provoked a sense of wonder, and even a dash of fear. But, unfortunately not everyone can relate to the 11 year old version of myself, and in the end this just looks like a cheaply thrown together poster.

5. Biutiful: Grade B+

I love the candid randomness of this poster, and the simple design. One gets a good sense of color, and the emotional tone of the film. There is also something immediately foreboding about the circling birds in the background.

6. Let Me In: Grade C

I usually favor posters that a more on the simple side, but this poster seems a bit too cheeky for it’s own good. But, the blood on the snow is immediately eye-catching, so it earns points with me.


7. Ondine: Grade C+

I would absolutely love this poster if it were not for the creepy specter of Colin Farrell in the corner. They have to promote a star like Farrell, but I think it would be a much prettier looking poster with the use of negative space to complement the woman. And there are more creative ways of promoting a star, rather than just forcing him into the poster.

8. Prince of Broadway: Grade C

I find this poster to be really ugly. Not only do I hate gold, but that medallion just looks awkward and specifically placed, rather than look random and spontaneous which it what it should look.

9. Udaan: Grade A

This very nearly earned my poster of the week honor. I like the blue font on the black background, the black and white photograph, the water rolling off his cheeks and dripping from his face. It exudes despair but with a healthy splash of beauty.

10. Don’t be Afraid of The Dark: Grade A+

The poster of the week. It’s playful, colorful, funny, and scary. The design is beautiful, from the detail of the little girl’s dress, to the wood grain on the door. I look at this poster and I immediately know this is going to be a fun movie.

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