Tuesday Movie Poster Round Up

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1. Pirana 3D: Grade B

The marketing is somewhat refreshing for this film. They don’t seem to be making any allusions to this film being anything other than a cheesy summer horror film, full of gore, hammy dialogue, and as this poster displays, sex. The poster is direct and to the point, and eye-catching.

2. Battle: Los Angles: Grade B-

This poster is what I always like in posters, simple. The grainy archival picture immediately draws your attention and raises your curiosity. And that is all a poster really needs to do. Personally, I enjoy the art of posters more, and this particular poster may leave a little to be desired, but the cold minimalism, coupled with the odd image makes for an aesthetically pleasing poster.

3. The Winning Season: Grade C

There is nothing particularly remarkable about this poster, and I almost didn’t choose it for this week’s roundup. But, Sam Rockwell has a mustache, and a goofy, dumbfounded look on his face. For me that is worth at least a C grade.

4. The Trotsky: Grade F

There must be a rule of thumb in marketing that says “when in doubt” use a red border. I am so tired of seeing posters use red borders, or even red in general. I get it, red is a color that catches the eye, and not to mention the film is called The Trotsky, it would make sense to use Red, but there wasn’t a more creative way?

5. Ivul: B+

I’m beginning to hate the abundant use of the color red in movies posters. However, this is a movie poster where it actually works. The title stands out bluntly in front of the icy background. The font, and the color hovering above the boy dangling on the wire is suggestive. This film may not be of the norm, whatever your definition of “the norm” is.

6. The Green Lantern Grade: B

Our friend Ricky Dean brought the new Green Lantern posters to my attention, and many thanks. This poster is one of four that were released. They all fit together, but I liked this one more than the others. It is simple, but the yellow bleeding into the green makes for an attractive poster.

7. Cyrus Grade: C+

Not a perfect poster, but it is mildly humorous, and I like the use of blue (I love blue). It is similar to many other posters, but it looks like there was at least a little more thought put into it, so it gets an A for effort, which is worth a C+.

8. Down Terrace: Grade C-

I almost considered this poster for the coveted Poster of The Week, then I took a closer look at it, and it is the kind of poster I typically don’t like. It’s one of those posters that displays random images of the characters in no rhyme or reason. There is nothing particularly interesting about the images, they are just sort of there. There is also far too many superlative laden blurbs at the top of the poster as well.

9. Burning Daylight: Grade F

This is a very boring and generic looking poster. The top photo of the actor smoking the cigar, almost looks like a stock photo taken from a “How to be successful in business” pamphlet. That’s all I have for this one.

10. The Killer Inside Me: Grade A

Yes, the poster of the week uses the color red, a color I railed against earlier in this week’s poster roundup. Yes, Kate Hudson has a dumb look on her face. But there is something about this poster that just works. Casey Affleck is magnetic. You can’t take your eyes off of him, not because he is red, but because of how visceral a presence he is. Some may disagree, but I love Affleck, and think he is one of the more unique actors working today, and this poster alone is an example of that. Oh, and Jessica Alba looks nice too.

  1. James Merolla says

    Get rid of the overused red border, and I might be able to meet you halfway, and give it a C.

  2. Jimmy says

    Dude I love The Trotsky poster… Grade B

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