Tuesday Movie Poster Round Up

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1. Holy Wars: Grade B

A poster after my own heart. It’s simple, black and white, blunt and direct. It immediately evokes strong imagery in one’s mind. I wish all posters were more like this. But, it isn’t perfect. It is simple, but it may be a bit too simple. Yes, I enjoy the more minimalist posters, but I also like subtle flair in them, and this poster lacks that. It’s a very good poster, not great.

2. Patrik, Age 1.5: Grade D-

I really don’t have much to say about this poster. It is bland, typical, and uninteresting. It may be a bit shallow, but the thing I dislike the most about this poster is the earrings in the kid’s ear. He looks like the bastard son of Mr. Clean. Every time I look at it my attention immediately goes right to that ear.

3. Centurion: Grade B+

There is a lot going on in this poster. It’s loud, busy, obnoxious, and I like it. It brings to mind graphic novels like Heavy Metal and Conan, and the detail of the illustration is meticulous, much like the best graphic novels.

4. Songs of Love and Hate: Grade A

I immediately favor this poster, and film because of the title. Being a huge Leonard Cohen fan the title Songs of Love and Hate fills me with a delightful mix of emotional highs and lows. As far as the poster itself, it has subtle pangs of sadness and longing. A beautiful woman longingly looking away from an embrace, a quiet lonely street at twilight. Perhaps I am going overboard, so I will voice my one gripe about the poster, and say, I don’t particularly care for the font. It’s a little on the unoriginal side.

5. Barry Munday: Grade C+

This is slightly disturbing in a subtle way, but I like the unnerving nature of it. It has a dark humor to it that I hope the film also possess. Unfortunately there isn’t much going on aesthetically beyond that, but the poster is effective regardless.

6. Vanishing On 7th Street: Grade D

I feel like I’ve seen this poster a thousand times before, and I have. There are more horror movie posters in the past that have used a similar design than I can name. It’s not a terrible poster, just not very original.

7. Hideaway: Grade C+

This poster looks like a brochure for a wellness center, or medication for depression. However, I like the use of color. The blue is soft and inviting, and the red and dark blue of the middle image plays off the softer blue nicely.

8. The Romantics: Grade F

At first glance I didn’t take this poster seriously, and I still don’t. It looks like it was whipped together quickly in a first year graphic design class. The purple and black blend together, and looks sloppy. There doesn’t seem to have been much attention to detail at all, not to mention the images are a bit stale and the opposite of provocative. On a lighter note, Katie Holmes does the finest work of her career.

9. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger: Grade C

This poster is really trying it’s best not to be be generic looking, but really just ends up looks like an advertisement for diamonds. Perhaps that is the point, considering the title of the film, if so, then I missed it.

10. I’m Still Here: Grade A+

The Poster of The Week.

It is rough, rusty, shaggy, and sad. It’s bristled with desperation, and a tinge of dark-eyed humor. It meanders, it stumbles, it flusters, it frustrates, and it bewilders. It’s a picture of a shambled out of work actor. Perfection.

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  2. Justine says

    I like the first poster. But it has one element that REALLY annoys me, I hate film posters with critic blurbs. It’s soooo annoying. I feel the same about trailers. It’s not even because most of the people they usually cite are non-entities, it’s just so counter-productive.

    1. James Merolla says

      I didn’t even really notice the critical blurbs, but yes, I usually hate them too.

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