Tuesday Movie Poster Round Up

1. The Gate: Grade B+

I just found out they were remaking this cheesy classic from the 80’s. But, instead of completely revamping the posters to distance itself from the original they recycled what is a great, and to some horror fans, an iconic image.

2.  A Woman, A Gun, and A Noodle Shop: Grade B

The only problem with this poster is the same problem I’ve been having with all the marketing for this film, and it is the insistence that they rail home that this film is based on Blood Simple. The poster itself is a direct homage to Blood Simple, so it seems a bit like overkill to remind people, in every chance, what the film is based off of. We get a critic blurb letting us know what it is based on, then under the title we are told again. It looks like it is a pretty good film, let it speak for itself.

3. The Loved Ones: Grade C

The mirror ball, the flash of purple, and the flimsy paper crown are perfect. Where the poster starts to faulter is with the air brush softening of the two actors, and the blurbs that seem to dominate the open spaces. This makes for a rather typical looking poster.

4.  Monsters: Grade C

Though the overall design of this poster is somewhat interesting, it isn’t entirely original, and the two actors look rather out of place against the background. However, the look and feel of the poster is interesting. It’s a very ugly poster, but that seems to be the point. It should be ugly, gray, burnt, and dirty. It immediately sparks morbid curiosity.

5. Back to The Future: Grade A

Not unlike the use of the classic poster for The Gate remake, we get to revisit the classic Back to The Future poster with it’s re-release. Everything about this poster is iconic, and immediately culls memories of the hundreds of times we’ve all seen the film.

6. The Last Exorcism: Grade C

Every week there is a poster that I just can’t find any words for. I don’t have any immediate reaction to it. It has that typical gritty look that many horror movies are using lately. I do like the image of the girl, it is creepy, for obvious reasons.

7. The Tempest: Grade D

This poster commits what I call a sin in movie posters. It’s the three posters in one poster. It feels lazy, and overdone. Any one of the three images could have made for a decent poster but instead they are crammed into one, like an over-stuffed sausage.

8. The Town: Grade D

There is way too much going on in this poster. We get a list of the cast, we get head shots of the cast, we get the tagline, all of which are completely distracting from what is a realy interesting looking image. An image like that will catch people’s interest a lot more than Jeremy Renner and Ben Affleck.

9. Modra: Grade A

This very nearly earned Poster of The Week status. The design is simple and elegant. The shade of blue, that dominates the poster, is eye-catching, but it is soft and warm, and an unusual choice. It is just about the perfect movie poster.

10. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: Grade A+

We’ve arrived to The Poster of The Week, and it is fairly obvious why it was chosen. It is loud, messy, and beautiful. It is a perfectly detailed, sharp, and layered poster that one is forced to give a more meditative look at when they see it. Every hand drawn line seems to have been labored over, and the colors and shading carefully chosen.

Trailer: The Next Three Days

Trailer: I’m Still Here