Tuesday Movie Poster Round Up

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1. A Horrible Way to Die: Grade B

There seems to be something incomplete about this poster, but that may be why it earns a favorable grade. It has the feel of the posters and covers of the old horror movies from the 70’s and 80’s which have a distinct charm about them.

2. Life of Lemon: Grade D

The floating heads do this poster in more than anything. Though I often give posters that use the color blue points, the use of blue in this poster is actually ugly. The pixelation in the design seems unnecessary. The entire poster feels thrown together at random.

3. Life as We Know It: Grade F

The more I look at this poster the dizzier I get. You find yourself craning your neck to right yourself. We also have to endure the feeble attempt at humor it presents. Will anyone with an IQ higher than 70 think this is a good first impression for the film to make?

4. Machete: Grade C

I wanted to pick another one of the many Machete posters this week since it opens in the next few days. I noticed that all the posters are simply made of recycled images that appear on every poster for the film, but those images are still sexy and wonderfully absurd.

Note: This film has allowed me to fully embrace my crush on Michelle Rodriguez.

5. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: Grade B

I couldn’t resist this one. It is another take on an earlier poster, but playfully made into a 3D image. The 3D graphic also makes the tag line that much more comical. Good poster, good movie.

6. Velvet Assassin: Grade C+

Typically one can showcase Olga Kurylenko’s exotic and magnetic beauty on anything and it will immediately command one’s attention, this poster is no different. Not to take anything away from the other beautiful actress featured on the poster, but Kurylenko is the focal point, and the face that piques everyone’s interest.

7. Down for Life: Grade D

Really ugly, and really overdone. We’ve seen this poster hundreds of times now, and it still hasn’t gotten any better. And if the focus is on these women, why are they masked and shadowed in an ugly design? Would it not be more affective to display the female faces of the film, since that is the focus of the film?

8. Baghdad, Texas: Grade B+

The ghostly image of the figure on the camel is unsettling, and foreboding. One would suppose the jet in the background is a detail of the plot, but it is superfluous, and distracts the eye from what is an otherwise great image. Forcing plot points into a poster is never necessary.

9. Arcadia Lost: Grade A

The runner-up for Poster of The Week, and the winner are very similar, two lovers in a beautiful, somewhat surreal landscape. It is dreamy and eerie, with a soft veil draped over both images. The difference with the Arcadia Lost poster is a strange leaning toward the divine in it’s suggestive imagery. The couple may or may not be walking on water, there seems to be a presence in the sky, the seeming isolation of the characters also give a bit of an Adam and Eve feel, and well, it is a pretty suggestive title too. Subtlety is what makes this poster interesting.

10. Never Let Me Go: Grade A+

I will admit, I was at a loss as to what was going to be The Poster of The Week. There weren’t any posters that stood out, some were good, some not so much. But the more I looked at this poster, the more it seemed to evoke. Just like the Arcadia Lost poster, it has a dreamy feel to it, but the difference is the warmth of this poster in comparison, it is comforting and inviting, you almost want to be there, but there is also a tinge of sadness that hangs over it. The moment seems as temporary as a dream.

  1. James Merolla says

    I didn’t think anything of that poster until I started looking at it more. It reminds me of a warm summer night. I like it.

  2. Anna says

    I agree with your pick for poster of the week. It somewhat reminds me of the ending to Requiem For A Dream

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