Tuesday Poster Round-Up

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1. Bill Cunningham New York: Grade C+

There are some colorful characters in this poster, but without much context it doesn’t feel as lively as some of the pictures would suggest.

2. Hanna: Grade C

This poster has a cool looking grittiness to it, and it does a good job of displaying Saoirse Ronan’s gorgeous eyes, but the text design seems a little unfinished and lazy.

3. Battle Los Angeles: Grade D

The scope of this poster is interesting, but really, it is about as impressive as a still shot from a video game.

4. Scream 4: Grade B

Thanks to Ricky for bringing this one to my attention. I like how this poster stuck with the look that we typically saw with previous Scream films the overall look has become somewhat iconic and creates a bit of a mood.

5. Homework: Grade B-

I can do without the cheesy tagline, but the color in tandem with the look of the city skyline looks great. However, this is one of the very few times I will complain about the use of negative space for a poster. With the way the title jumps off the poster, it seems that there could have been a little more done with the space around it.

6. Win Win: Grade D

I love the uninterested look of the always animated Paul Giamatti, but I really don’t like how fake their photoshopped surroundings look.

7. Peep World: Grade C-

There is just something about the yellow coupled with title design that is abrasive and ugly. However, the pop-up book design of the characters is pretty clever.

8. Ceremony: Grade B

The intimacy of this poster is lovely. There is also something vibrant and pretty about the saturated colors.

9. Blue Valentine: Grade A

This is a little bit of an older poster for Blue Valentine that I stumbled upon and couldn’t take my eyes off of. I love the washed out use of Valentine’s Day pink with the weather worn title.

10. Woman Art Revolution: Grade A+

The Poster of The Week calls to mind all the great  WWII women’s work force, and women’s suffrage artwork from the 20’s. But, it also has a pulpy comic book absurdity to it. A really fun and interesting poster.

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