Tuesday Poster Round-Up

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1. The Rabbit Hole: Grade D

The washed out look of the poster, though not terribly original, isn’t the problem. The problem is the ugly clutter that borders it.

2. Captain America: Grade B+

There is a lot of cool detail to this poster, particularly the look of the familiar shield. The best part is the simple tagline, and how the poster allows the iconic character itself draw attention to the film.

3. The Tequila Effect: Grade C+

Not a completely uninteresting poster, but the effect on the text is very stale, and the poster as a whole seems a little sloppily put together.

4. Hella W: Grade C

Sleek and vaguely dark, but some of the detail seems to be overlooked, like the hard to read text used for the list of the actors, and the redundancy of the ‘W’.

5. Carmen: Grade C+

This poster  is reminiscent of some classic posters of the past, the brooding man embracing the damsel, but, as silly as it might seem, I can’t help but be distracted by the man’s face, it’s just a little goofy, and hard to take seriously.

6. Trust: Grade C-

Given that this is the fourth straight C grade I’ve given out, it is safe to say that this week’s batch of posters is pretty mediocre. I don’t know why, but this particular poster seems somewhat comical. It image is (I think) supposed to be foreboding, but there is something about the fist violently coming from the computer with bleeding roses. The image is just so hilariously over-the-top.

7. The Double Hour: Grade B

The subtle skin tone color use of this poster is what immediately jumps out, it is an oddly warm, inviting poster, but the look of the woman’s face is contrary to that. Its only problem is it basically has two useless taglines.

8. Fast Five: Grade B

Not surprised that Fast Five is using a poster with streaking colors, if I am correct they’ve done it for the previous films, but why mess with a good thing? It looks good, and the quiet, looming tropical backdrop looks good too.

9. Monogamy: Grade A

Quietly sexy, with a great use of red. Is there really any color more expressive than red? Maybe I get a little too fixed on the color, but look at this poster. There is a depth and expression to it, that the color accentuates beautifully.

10. Putty Hill: Grade A+

What makes the Poster of The Week so perfect is the lazy unconscious beauty of it. It is comfortable, yet there is an elegant mysteriousness that draws one in.

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