Tuesday Poster Round-Up

1. One Day: Grade C

The theme of this weeks Round-Up is movie posters that look more like ads for something else. The first poster is a good example of this theme. I appreciate the effort, in that it has what seems to be a kind of whimsical, spontaneous romanticism about it, but it comes off looking more like an ad for a perfume, or 

jewelry store.

2. The Conspirator: Grade D

Here is a cluttered, bland poster that seems more like a Washington D.C. tourism ad. For instance, if you are going to list the cast  make it a little more prominent and creative, instead of it just looking like a smudge against the background, just a thought.

3. Atlas Shrugged: Grade F

This is my favorite poster as far as the theme of the week is concerned. It is so vanilla and indistinct that it appears to be maybe an ad for the next World Cup, or maybe a body building competition? The people designing these posters do know they are promoting movies, right?

4. The Adjustment Bureau: Grade C

Okay, with this poster for life insurance we get a sense of dread. There is a dark anxiousness to it, that really could have been established without the obnoxious, and silly tagline.

5. Cracks: Grade C+

Finally a little bit of creativity, and movie posters. It may not be the most original idea for a poster, but the focus remains on the image of Eva Green. Nothing invades this image, the tagline remains subtle, along with the listing of the Scott brothers.

6. Reagan: Grade B+

This is one of two posters this week brought to my attention by my friend Justin, thank you Justin.

Whether you believe in President Reagan’s politics or not, it is hard to ignore the fact that the man has become somewhat of an icon in the last 20 years, and this poster, a photo from his younger political days, is a simple, but striking cult of personality image of the young viral icon.

7. Corman’s World: Grade B

I may be slightly biased due to my anticipation for this film, but I find the brash nature of this throwback to be charming and beautifully irreverent. There is a lot of fun in the worn colors and obnoxious text.

8. Uncle Boonmee: Grade B

Another fine poster from this film, and anther great find by my friend Justin. Aside from the great use of colors, it is the meticulous detailing, particularly with the smaller images that are what begin to jump out upon closer inspection.

9. I Saw The Devil: Grade A

It is disturbing, somewhat off-putting, and violent. There is something deeply unsettling about how the man is holding the hammer, and his rubber suit. We are obviously supposed to be frightened and shocked, there is blood in the snow after all, but there is a dreamy displacement to the poster that lulls one in.

10. Black Death: Grade A+

When I find these posters I save them to my desktop, and as I write these reviews I flip through them. Like most people I have other random images saved as well (banners, images for my blog, odds and ends). This poster happened to be placed along side an image of one of my favorite actresses Barbara Steele. It’s one of the many images I like to look at once in a while when I’m depressed and I need a little inspiration. Why am I telling you this? Because Barbara Steele and all the classic cinematic brilliance she is associated with go hand in hand with everything this poster seems to represent. It represents the classic moody, gloomy fun that so many great, particularly Italian horror films from the 60’s, have. Unfortunately the film in question is most likely far from the spirit of those great aforementioned films, but the poster is still great.

I will include the image of Barbara Steele to complement the poster.

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