Tuesday Poster Round-Up

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1. Meek’s Cutoff: Grade C+

This is not a typical looking poster in terms of color and design. The detailing used for Michelle Williams looks great, unfortunately it doesn’t look like her. Is it her?

2. Meet Monica Velour: Grade C

It would appear we are supposed to be laughing at the aged woman and all her physical misgivings while she strips on the stage, and it is worth a snicker, but it is also quite sexy to see such self-awareness.

3. Confessions of An Eco-Terrorist: Grade B

I like the grittiness of this poster, but I really hate using the word, it is used far too often. Edginess? No. A brazen and frank depiction of an “eco-terrorist”? I suppose it will have to do.

4. Blind Alley: Grade C-

There is something strangely cheesy about this poster. In a way I think it works for it, in that it kind of reminds one of the old direct-to-video horror movies of the 80’s, and who doesn’t have nostalgia for that? But, I don’t get the feeling that’s what they were going for.

5. In A Better World: Grade D

For the two or three people who follow the Round-Up you know that I hate needless clutter in a poster. Well, I give you the poster for In A Better World. If I were a narcissist I would be convinced this poster was specifically engineered to annoy me. Can anyone even read that mess under the critic blurb?

6. That’s What I Am: Grade D

This poster feels a bit like the opening to a family sit-com, complete with awkward kids in their formative years and  an aw shucks look.

7. How I Ended This Summer: Grade B

The sea green color looks good, and the open aired feel works well. I could do without some of the clutter at the top of the poster, but overall it’s good.

8. Certified Copy: Grade C-

This poster looks so touched up and done over that it appears to be shot through a screen door. Binoche and Shimell also look odd in how they were shopped together.

9. Cat Run: Grade A

A fun sexy poster, reminiscent of some wild feminist action films of the 60’s and 70’s, but also with a modern directness to it.

10. Black Death: Grade A+

For the second week in a row a poster for Black Death is our Poster of The Week, and I would be hard pressed to find two posters for the same film that are more different. Last week’s poster had a haunting minimalist look to it, while this week’s is a wild, insane, almost comical flash of color, sex, and violence. Now, I’m really wondering how this film is going to be.

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