Tuesday Poster Round-Up

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We are trudging through more muck and mire folks. The Oscars are over, and there are very few promising films on the horizon until the summer movie season begins, as I’ve discovered, the same can be said for poster art. Despite my searching there are very few good posters out there. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun looking at the bad ones.

1. Thor: Grade C+

This is a poster really aiming to win me over (look at all that pretty red) but, unfortunately there isn’t much else going on other than the crimson saturation, unless you like intense looks from bearded men.

2. Hop: Grade C

It looks like a kid ate a pack of Crayolas and vomited onto this poster.

3. Dylan Dog: Grade D

I remember there being a great poster for Dylan Dog months ago, which makes this mediocre poster that much more disappointing. Never mind how difficult it is to take Brandon Routh seriously in this neo-noir type setting, and how boring the poster is in general, what really makes it bad, is the guy in the background. Is he supposed to look like a bank robber from an old cartoon? Where is his bandit mask?

4. Silvio Forever: Grade C

It has a bit of a minimalist approach which usually works, but the poster on the whole just looks cheap and pasted together.

5. Hidden: Grade C

Like the first poster for Hidden there is a creepy atmosphere to this one as well, but, it’s not as good. The ghost child in the background looks a little off, as if in the last minute they decided it looked a little too indistinguishable, so they messed with the look of the face, and now it looks a bit like a demented Cabbage Patch Kid, which is frightening in its own right, but I don’t think that was intended.

6. The Greatest Movie Ever Sold: Grade C+

Leave it to Morgan Spurlock to get naked to promote a movie. In a way there is a strange irony in the fact that he stripped naked to help sell his film which, judging by the tag line, isn’t lost on Spurlock. Anyway, the yellow is harsh, but it is more or less a but it does have a cleverness to it.

7. Kung Fu Panda 2: Grade D

Oh, this really is a bad week. I’m really sorry I let the three of you down. But, maybe there is nothing wrong with this or any of the other posters, and I’m just uninspired?

8. Apollo 18: Grade B

It’s ugly, but in a good way. It has that great muddy look that complements the look of the film, which is of the fuzzy looking ‘found footage’ variety.

9. The Inn Keepers: Grade A

Yes, it looks like the cover of a ‘choose your own adventure’ book, but that’s exactly why this poster is great. It’s the quirky soft detailing of the artwork, and the faded colors that make it so good looking, and those books were a lot of fun.

10. Scream 4: Grade A+

This is the best poster to come from Scream 4 so far. It is stark and direct, with a certain meticulous detailing to the design. It plays on what has in some ways become an iconic image for the Scream franchise, of the blade shown prominently.

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