Tuesday Poster Round Up

1. Making The Boys: Grade B-

It’s obvious what makes this poster good, great use of color, but I also like the tagline a lot. It’s provocative without being too melodramatic, or maybe it’s melodramatic in just the right way.

2. Life Just Is: Grade C

It’s kind of an ugly brown, but the off center look of the staged intimacy is somewhat quirky and fun.

3. Game of Thrones: Grade C-

Here is a great example of a bad tagline. How long did it take them to think of this one? Otherwise, the detail of the throne itself is the only thing of note.

4. Your Highness: Grade D

We get it, Natalie Portman is beautiful, but does the poster featuring her have to be so incredibly boring and generic looking?

5. Super: Grade B

The shade of green reminds me of some cheap chalky jelly beans my mom used to get us for Easter every year. It’s making me nauseous just looking at it. However, it still looks good in an unusual way, and Ellen Page is really sexy in it.

6. Snow Flower: Grade C+

The color is beautiful, but it is a bit of overkill. It swallows the poster, and we lose the woman in it, along with every other detail.

7. Rehearsal for A Scilian Tragedy: Grade C-

The shading in this poster is hideous, and it looks like they couldn’t make up their mind between an illistrated look and a simple image of Turturro, a very inconsistent look, but at least it takes some creative chances, unlike some other bad posters.

8. Hesher: Grade B

This is one of those posters that I can’t decide if it is bad or good, so I guess that means it is doing something right. It’s certainly not pretty, but the whole Jesus in a tortilla look to it gives an interesting perspective.

9. The Innkeepers: Grade A

It may not be as fun and nostalgic as The Innkeepers poster from last week, but it still has that washed out look of an old horror poster, or children’s book cover that brings on that warm, uneasy feeling.

10. Assassins: Grade A+

This loud, gorgeous piece of awesome just makes one want to let out some primative war cry. It blends traditional Japanese art with a whirling 21st century anime spirit.

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