Tuesday Poster Round-Up

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1. A Serbian Film: Grade B

Everything I’ve heard or read about this film is extremely negative. All judgments of the film aside though, the marketing for the film has been great. From one of the best trailers of last year, to this new poster they have done a great job.

2. Incendies: Grade C

There is a little bit of clutter, and it seems as if it is supposed to appear as an open picturesque backdrop, but there is no real point of reference, so it appears kind of blurry and closed off.

3. Superhelde: Grade D

I’m usually a sucker for posters similar to this, but there is something very ugly about this poster. It just seems like a hastily whipped together mash-up of ideas, and it has that amateur, photoshopped look.

4. Oi Ippeis Tis Pylou: Grade B-

There is something irresistible and charming about this poster, like a child’s innocence, or lazy sketch found in an old drawer years later. There is a freedom to that.

5. Rubber: Grade C+

This film is about a tire that kills people, right? Well, this poster says it all, and in brutally over-the-top fashion.

6. Wrecked: Grade D

No offense to Adrien Brody, but this poster is ugly, and the blank look on his face is rather comical.

7. Hook Line and Sinker: Grade B

I love any image that captures the intimacy of life, whether it be real or fabricated. There is a joy in this poster that is unmistakable, and beautiful.

8. Siberia Monamour: Grade C-

I’ll be honest, the only reason I included this poster is because of its abstract similarities to the previous poster for Hook Line and Sinker. I have an absurdist’s view of the world, just disregard it.

9. The Key Man: Grade A

This poster so perfectly captures the slick style of a 70’s crime thriller, with a little bit of a modern flair. The Noir-esque black and white is perfect.

10. Wasted Youth: Grade A+

Narrowly getting the nod for Poster of The Week is a very basic, but artistically strong poster. It is a blunt object that does its job quite well.

– James Merolla

  1. Ricky says

    oh wait I love the last two – shit – good week for posters

  2. Ricky says

    I love that Rubber poster and also the poster for Serbian Film – the rest I don’t like

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