Tuesday Poster Round-Up

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1. Meek’s Cutoff: Grade C-

The critic blurbs for this poster are terrible, particularly on the top. Why did they feel the need to call to mind another western so coyly? Just come out and say “if you like True Grit, watch our movie, you might like it, no biggie”.  The wide shot image on the bottom of the poster is great  though, but it gets buried under the clutter.

2. The Beaver: Grade B-

There have been some mediocre posters for this odd film so far, but this one barely isn’t. It has a simple shot of an embattled and befuddled looking Mel Gibson. Why does he look like this? Because there is a beaver puppet on his left hand. It looks good, open and strange.

3. Homecoming: Grade C+

There is a fun charm to this poster, but it, unfortunately, looks a little sloppy, and uses a bit too much brown. In fact the entire back ground seems off with the swath of blue.

4. The Topp Twins: Grade F

It is obvious there is supposed to be a personal spark to this poster. We are to feel am emotional attachment with the images in it. However, it is hard to feel any attachment with the loud yellow, and all of the critic blurbs, and stamps of triumph for the film. I understand the purpose of a poster like this is to call attention to the positive reviews and awards specifically, but it is still ugly.

5. Griff The Invisible: Grade D

The color, and elements of the design gives an old school serial feel, but there is something that looks very cheap about it, and not in the intentional homage way.

6. The Silent House: Grade C

Well it’s obvious now that the theme of the week is clutter due to an overuse of critic blurbs. It’s as if all these films have self-esteem issues. This poster for example, seems to set a pretty good mood, but it is destroyed by the giant block of blurbs. Even the title is intrusive.

7. The Hangover 2: Grade C+

The design of the title is probably the best part of this poster. Other than that, it has a real antiseptic photoshopped feel to it.

8. Tree of Life: Grade C-

I really wanted this poster to be good, but it just isn’t. They didn’t seem to commit to anything, just shoving random, barely disernable images down our throats. Pick an emotive, beautiful image, I’m sure the film has several, and go with it.

9. Ma Jeanne D’arc: Grade A-

The next two posters are completely opposite of what we’ve already seen this week. There are no unnecessary blocks of clutter, just an artistic and thoughtful image presented simply. The silouette cast against the aired blues and grays, has a sort of romantic sorrow to it, a longing even.

10. Here I Am: Grade A+

The subtle reds and blues against the actresses skin tone is gorgeous. It is a simple and strong poster, not much more to say. It speaks for itself.

  1. Sean says

    Wait til you see Tree of Life. I bet the reason it has all those images is because the film is full of them. Plus did you see the dinosaur?!

  2. Chris Clemente says

    Great input, but I would really reconsider ‘Griff the Invisible’ and ‘Tree of Life’. They are really good. IMO, not only should the posters be aesthetically striking, but also convey some ideas about the film itself. Both posters do that.

    1. That won’t happen because this guy doesn’t know design from his bum.

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