Tuesday Poster Round UP

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1. Skyline: Grade D

This is one very messy, indistinguishable poster. It looks like a slop of blue paint just splattered onto a canvas. But, it earns points by the fact that the clutter is in the image itself, rather than in any unnecessary text.

2. Restrepo: Grade D

Now, this is an example of a decent image that is cluttered by text, and other superfluous nonsense. The image is simple and ugly, a good look at the misery of war, but then we are bombarded by stars. Really how many stars do we need?

3. Music from The Big House: Grade A

This is a perfectly stern and provocative image. It shows a great deal of restraint in the story it plainly tells.

4. Company Men: Grade B-

This poster has a lot going for it, the use of understated, muted color, and the font is basic and complementary. The tagline is the only real downfall of the film. It is kind of corny, and unnecessary.

5. Veronika Decides to Die: Grade C-

There is a trend forming this week, and that is posters that use text, such as critic quotes and taglines, well, or not at all, and those that use them poorly. This is another example of poor usage. The color is great, Sarah Michelle Gellar looks good, but we have blocks of text that distracts the eye from everything that the poster does well.

6. The Portal: Grade D

A rather silly, obnoxious, poster. It is competently designed, the detail of the frame is interesting, but it’s just not particularly good. The ghostly image reaching through the frame is what hurts it the most; it looks a bit cheap, and somewhat comical.

7. The Insatiable Moon: Grade D

Bright colors usually work for posters, but the use of yellow in this case almost makes one squint. It is abrasive, on top of being overtly sentimental, to the point where it gives the feel of a Lifetime movie.

8. Harbi Define: Grade F

It’s almost so bad it’s good, but it isn’t. I’m not sure if this needs a detailed explanation of why it is bad. Just take it all in, and revel in its awfulness.

9. Moscow, I Love You: Grade B+

It’s gorgeous, sleek, and colorful. It is the flashy poster that I tend to love. But here we go again; the long column of names on the left is just too much to give it a better grade.

10. Russian Snark: Grade A

How could this poster not be The Poster of The Week? It has such a stark sincerity to its bizarre makeup. Its construction paper design is crude and wacky causing one to blink to adjust to it. It is one of the more unique posters ever to appear on round-up.

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