Tuesday Poster Round-Up

1. Immortals: Grade B-

It is certainly bold and brash. It jumps out at you, and the gold and black is sleek looking. However, it has a little bit of a video game still look to it.

2. Tree of Life: Grade B

Yes, it is better than last week’s poster. It is more intimate and beautiful in every way. But, and perhaps it is my anticipation for the film, but I still expect more even from the posters for Tree of Life.

3. 404: Grade C

The design is fun, but it is a little hokey, and there is something about it that I can’t quite put my finger on. Perhaps it is the lack of close detailing in the photoshopped areas, but it feels cheap.

4. Kokkinos Ouranos: Grade C-

There are a few mediocre posters this week, but none less remarkable than this one. It is a little redundant too. Either you introduce the actors in head shots, or laying in the sand, why both?

5. Skyf: Grade F

I almost feel bad saying the poster for 404 looks cheap. Taking another look at this poster and it is obvious it is much worse. Nothing looks right with it. It all looks incomplete and unrefined, very ugly.

6. 13 Assassins: Grade C

This poster gets the indifference award for the week. There is nothing particularly special about it, nor is there anything bad. The film looks good though.

7. The Green Lantern: C+

Every time I see the mask it just looks strange, almost like it was pasted on Ryan Reynolds photo, but the suit looks really cool. Really, that is the selling point of this poster.

8. Ragini MMS: Grade B-

This one is a bit of a mess, but it is subtly disturbing. The more I look at it the more uneasy I feel. Oh, and the color looks good too.

9. True Legend: Grade A

Any fan of old school Kung Fu movies should love this poster. It even has that over-exposed coloration to it that you see in some of the old Grindhouse or Kung Fu movie posters.

10. Hesher: Grade A+

The whole weather beaten, folded up look of posters is starting to get old, but that is besides the point with this poster. Joseph Gordon Levitt doing his best James Dean. He is sexy, and desired. He is the proverbial figure that every woman wants and every guy wants to be.

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