Tuesday Poster Round-Up

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1. Stake Land: Grade C+

I’m assuming this is a post-apocalyptic film. It pretty much gets the point across. It’s ugly, but I suspect that is the idea. It can use a little more red though. I love red.

2. Skateland: Grade B

I can’t tell if the film skip effect is intentional, but either way it is great. The washed out retro look of the color is in reference to the time period that is assumed the film takes place, but this look is getting a bit cliche.

3. Apacsok: Grade C

Quiet, contemplative, and as boring as a plain brown sweater.

4. A Zold Sarkany Gyermekei: Grade C

Another pretty mundane poster, but I like the randomness of the soccer ball, and the wind sock guy in the background (someone is going to have to help me out with what those things are actually called). Neither one of these things really make much sense.

5. Quiz: Grade F

Did anyone even try to make this poster interesting and original? This is every lousy horror poster from the past 10 years rolled into one.

6. Dushasana: Grade B

The silly irreverence of this poster is fun, and it has a pretty refreshing self awareness. It even looks pretty good, the colors are sharp, and the larger than life upward angle is funny and stylish.

7. Bridesmaids: Grade C

The women look good, and the ugly pink is a nice touch. But, it has the same problem as a few other posters on the list this week in that it lacks an original flair. It just needs something more.

8. The Perfect Host: Grade B

David Hyde Pierce, who over the years has become America’s lovable stiff, standing threateningly with fork creates such an intense hilarity it is hard not to appreciate this poster, and look forward to this film.

9. Shor in The City: Grade A

So, the theme of the week is a lack of originality. This poster isn’t any different, but just because something is derivative, doesn’t mean it has to be bad. Yes, it borrows from a lot of posters in the past, but the color and slick detailing is great.

10. The Lords of Salem: Grad A+

Cold, dark, foreboding, soulless, nightmare inducing, just some of the ideas that come to mind. The dark charcoal look is gorgeous, giving it an earthy feel.

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