Tuesday Poster Round-Up

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1. Mr. Poppers Penguins: Grade D

Jim Carrey can do better than this, and so can the people who designed this poster.

2. The House on The Edge of The Park part II: Grade B

I love posters like this. It has a creepy sort of atmosphere and mood. The design of the skull in the tree is playful and subtle enough to where it isn’t over-the-top.

3. The Arbor: Grade B-

This poster was clearly made with tongue firmly planted in cheek. The brazenness of it is hard not to enjoy.

4. One Day: Grade B

The muted, washed out color adds a dreamy feel to this poster, and the blocks add a new wave-esque flair to it. It’s quite lovely.

5. The Silent House: Grade C-

It is odd, this poster feels more cluttered than it actually is. I think it is the fact that everything in it is slightly out of focus, and fuzzy. It makes for an ugly aesthetic.

6. The Ward: Grade F

From what I’ve heard, this film is the most disappointing of John Carpenter’s career, and this poster isn’t helping. It looks like a poster from one of those awful horror movies from the 90’s. Everything about it is smoothed over and made to look shiny and perfect. I Know What You Did Last Summer in The Ward.

7. Les Petits Mouchoir: Grade F

Oh, how I loathe the random collage of images without any discernible context. We get absolutely no insight into what this movie is about from this poster. It looks like images cut out of a travel brochure.

8. Monica: Grade B+

Everything we need to know about this film, and this character is in her eyes. The red veil cast over the image accentuates the mood beautifully.

9. Ronal The Barbarian: Grade B+

Hilarious, this is easily one of the funniest posters I’ve seen since doing the Round-up, and the best motion poster. Seeing this poster has to get one excited for the film.

10. L’Amour Fou: Grade A

The subtle disarming nature of this poster is what makes is great. There is a mystery that you’re not completely sure you want to explore, but you can’t look away.

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