Tuesday Poster Round-Up

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1. The Devil’s Double: Grade F

This may be the most abrasively awful poster I have ever seen. Gold jewelry is tacky and ugly, and so are gold posters.

2. Wilde Salome: Grade C

Everything about this poster is good, except for the giant floating Al Pacino head. Yes, we get it, Al Pacino is in the movie, it can be promoted in a much more subtle way.

3. Sleeping Beauty: Grad C+

Emily Browning is beautiful, but this poster does little to accentuate such beauty. Everything is washed out and so bright it is hard to focus one’s eyes on it. Turn the brightness down a little.

4. The High Cost of Living: Grade C

I promise there are better posters coming up, and this is the last of the posters that look completely pasted together and photoshopped. The use of this particular font has become popular recently, and it usually looks good, but not when the rest of the poster is bad.

5. Another Earth: Grade B-

There is something symmetrically pleasing about this poster. Everything fits perfectly, the blue is very pretty, and so is the actress. The wind blown hair is a little over-dramatic, but it’s a good poster.

6. Cargo: Grade C+

It’s pretty ugly, but it’s a bit of a visceral patchwork, mash-up, ugliness that typically works. There are better posters in this style, and the style is getting a little old, but it’s not bad.

7. The Change-up: Grade D

The goofy look on Ryan Reynolds face makes this poster almost good……and the more I look at it the more odd and and exaggerated it seems, but overall it is just a boring and typical poster.

8. Green Lantern: Grade D

This poster scares me.

9. The Help: Grade B-

There is a rosy burst  that jumps out from this poster, and it’s not just the ugly yellow used for the background. It’s the people in it, their features, and their play acting dispositions. It has a cheery artificiality to it.

10. The Trip: Grade A

I’m cheating with this poster, there really isn’t anything remarkable about it, but Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon just have an infectious English charm about them that makes the poster fun.

And this clip makes me laugh:

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  1. Ricky says

    I like the Green Lantern poster best :P

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