Tuesday Poster Round-Up

1. Transformers: Dark of The Moon: Grade C-

Everything about the Transformers movies are so wildly over-the-top, so why not the posters? Every form of destruction seems to be crammed tightly into this box.

2. Ledge: Grade D

Everything is neat, polished, and wrinkle free, they even threw in a lens flare for some extra sheen. It all makes for a boring poster.

3. Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: Grade C

This is really bizarre. It looks like a novelty photo booth picture taken at the shore, possibly in a slightly rundown wax museum. The couple in the picture have been dating for six months now. He’s the the bad boy she’s dating to get back at her parents a little. She’s the misunderstood girl going through her emo phase. They hang out, skip school, smoke cigarettes, and listen to The Cure, cute couple.

4. A Good Old Fashioned Orgy: Grade B-

The snowflake design is actually kind of artistic, which is obviously ironic given the title of the film. The color is great too.

5. La Conquete: Grade B

This poster reminds one of Jacques Tati’s film Playtime. It has that clean sterile look, but with a tinge of playful surrealism.

6. Winter of The Dead: Meteletsa: Grade F

I don’t know how many posters like this I have seen since doing the Round-Up. It is sloppy, no attention to detail, just a blurry mess.

7. Melancholia: Grade C

I can’t put my finger on this poster. It isn’t good, there is really a lack of attention drawn to Kirsten Dunst. Her picture seems really squashed, but there is a brazenness to it’s simplicity that keeps it from being a complete loss.

8. The Tree of Life: Grade C

The poster is clearly going for a tenderness and the bottom photo comes close, but the top picture feels more like a L.L. Bean add.

9. Sleeping Beauty: Grade A

The soft muted colors look like a Victorian era painting, complete with the vacant look of a love lorn beauty.

10. Blame: Grade A+

This is a fantastic bold burst of retro style. There is a little bit of clutter, but the design stands out so well it’s easy to ignore.

– James Merolla

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