Tuesday Poster Round-Up

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1. Final Destination 5: Grade B-

This is a rare occasion where the poster is infinitely more interesting than the film itself, and it’s not even that great.

2. Conan The Barbarian: Grade C-

It’s ugly, but it has a little bit of a comic book feel to it, which is fun.

3. The Future: Grade C

When I first spotted this poster I jumped a little in excitement, but upon closer review my eyes were drawn to the distracting, almost unreadable block of text underneath the simple and artful image.

4. Page One: Grade C

This poster seems a little unfinished, and lacks the details and touches that would set it apart from others. It is supposed to resemble a newspaper, but it is too flat and smooth.

5. Buck: Grade B-

The color is great, and the surrounding dust cloud gives it that lonesome west atmosphere, along with the horses.

6. The Ledge: Grade B

I don’t think I will ever get tired of the retro style poster, but it needs to be changed up a little. It is starting to feel like every poster designed this way is starting to follow a uniform template.

7. Life in a Day: Grade C+

It commits the sin that a lot of bad posters commits, and that is random images without context, but in this case it serves a purpose. The film, from what is understood, is a snap shot of life, as well.

8. L’apollonide: Grade A

The next three posters are fantastic, starting with this trashy gem. It captures the seedy elegance and sexual weariness of a woman in brothels with a hint of class, and a knowing smirk.

9. Once Upon a Time in Anatolia: Grade A

This is a gorgeous dreary landscape, that perfectly captures the high lonesome beauty of isolation.

10. Father’s Day: Grade A+

This poster is the exact opposite of the last two. Instead of simple openness, and suggestion, it hits one over the head with a sledgehammer of campy raunchiness, and stylized sex and violence. It’s beautiful ugliness.

– James Merolla

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