Tuesday Poster Round-Up

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1. Submarine: Grade B

The expressive image and color is great, but the blurbs, and other clutter ruin it. Some day I’ll rid the world of all the clutter. *shakes fist*

2. Fright Night: Grade B

If you were wondering, yes it is a crime that Fright Night is being remade. However, I do like Colin Farrell in this role. But that’s all besides the point. This is a pretty good poster. It is sharp and symmetrical, and free of clutter.

3. Debt: Grade C-

Sometimes I hand out what I like to call my indifference award, and in a week of some really strong posters, I can’t seem to muster any feeling for this one at all. It’s only on here because it is the best of the weakest posters I uncovered for the Round-Up this week. It wouldn’t be on here if Ricky and I were able to find a larger version of a poster for the upcoming film Marianne.

4. The Artist: Grade C+

This poster is elegant and lovely. It is a fitting shot for the over-the-top ode to the classic silents of the past. It looks like a great film.

5. Toomelah: Grade B+

There is nothing better than the perfectly subtle expressiveness of the human face. Every and any story you can imagine is written perfectly within it.

6. Les Bien Aimes: Grade B

This is a fun flirtatious poster, with some fun vibrant colors, and look at that cast. This film just landed on my radar.

7. Magic Trip: Grade B

It seems like every week I fall in love with a perfectly ugly poster. This poster is no different. But, it has a strange child-like madness that is somewhat jubilant and playful.

8. Father’s Day: Grade A

Yet another diabolical poster from Father’s Day. Not quite as wild as the first one, but still brilliantly detailed and fun.

9. Jorm: Grade A+

What a brilliant shade of blood red, and a striking line that separates it. It’s simplistic and provocative.

10. Rejoice and Shout: Grade A+

The same thing that made Toomelah a great poster is exactly what is great about this one. The joy and life in the faces is gorgeous. There is a great life and energy to this image.

– James Merolla

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