Tuesday Poster Round-Up

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1. The Amazing Spider-Man: Grade C

It is only a teaser poster, but it leaves one wanting more. It looks like we get a small peek at what the suit looks like, but it’s hard to determine one way or another.

2. Real Steel: Grade D

This poster is every bit as silly as the premise of the film.

3. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Grade C

I am having difficulty taking Harry Potter seriously as an action hero. Overall this poster seems like pretty typical of a shiny Photoshop quickie. I do like the splashes of red and orange though.

4. Green With Envy: Grade B

It’s charming colorful, and wonderfully misleading. I love the ad campaign for this film.

5. X-Men First Class: Grade C+

There are several character posters released for this film, so I chose Michael Fassbender, because he’s Michael Fassbender. This is also a huge step-up from some of the previous posters and marketing for this film. It seems like they finally figured it out, from the trailers to the posters.

6. Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop: Grade B

Without the critic blurbs this is probably one of the better posters of the last few weeks, but nonetheless it is still a fun and intimate look at one of our more familiar personalities.

7. Life in A Day: Grade B+

This poster is a little better than the previous one for this film. The black works well to frame the colorful snapshots of life.

8. Shark Night 3D: Grade C-

I’m watching Escape from L.A. as I write this. It’s not a good movie, but it has a brazen campiness that is hard not to enjoy. This poster isn’t much different. It’s cheap, over-the-top, and bad, but with a distinctive smirk. Sometimes, dumb, ugly art is charming in its irreverence.

9. The Descendants: Grade A

It’s calm and contemplative, and gives the sense of a man looking back at youth, beauty, and what might have been.

10.  The Skin I live In: Grade A+

The external beauty is at the forefront in this uneasy poster. The skin is accentuated and smoothed over to enhance its sheen and perfection.

– James Merolla

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  1. FAIL says

    It’s a shame really. If you did your homework you would have realized the Spider-man poster is a fake/fanart/not real. YOU FAIL (at life).

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