Tuesday Poster Round-Up

Let’s all shake ourselves free of the ugliness that was last week’s Round-Up and bask in what may be the strongest week yet (I know I’ve said this before). This week the focus is on several films that played at Cannes last month, along with a poster for a much anticipated re-release of an R.W. Fassbinder film,  an overdue horror movie, and possibly the most anticipated film of the year. There isn’t a weak poster in the bunch. Enjoy.

1. Entrance: Grade B

Black and pink doesn’t always work, but the subtle shade of pink in this case works well, and blends nicely with the city scape.

2. Oslo: Grade B-

The font is very sloppy, albeit purposeful, but it is too small, and for someone with a touch of OCD it is a little nerve racking. However, the simple elegance of the white rose against the black background is great, and the slight withering of the rose adds a certain uneasiness.

3. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Grade B

I was surprised and encouraged when I saw this poster in my local theater. It is good to see such a sexy and racy poster not being pushed aside, or hidden. As far as the poster itself, Daniel Craig’s rugged good looks are on full display, but literally take a back seat to the shockingly sexy Rooney Mara. Mara had always been more of a meek looking, albeit beautiful, actress that many people overlooked in her previous roles, which makes this film, and her commitment to it, all the more intriguing.

4. Volcano: Grade A

There is an eerie and ghostly aura to this poster, that is reminiscent of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker, a film that holds a soft spot in my heart.

5. Bear: Grade B-

There are a lot of simple designs this week that go a long way. The subtle menacing mood of this poster stands out, with the simple suggestion of a bike rider within the bear paw.

6. Code Blue: Grade B+

There is a disarming and beautiful vulnerability in this poster heightened by the dominant urgency of the blood red.

7. Don’t be Afraid of The Dark: Grade A

It feels like horror fans have been waiting forever for this film’s release, but the poster art has made that wait a little easier. Trending toward a more traditional illustrated approach to posters, the marketing for this film has evoked a playful curiosity that unfortunately the film may not live up too.

8. The Day He Arrives: Grade B+

I love posters like this. They display a magnetic intimacy, perfectly capturing a mood and mindset of the characters and their surroundings. The black and white lends itself to this intimate feel as well.

9. Bento Monogatari: Grade A

The most creative and meticulous poster of the week. It has a smiling childishness, and a tasty giddiness.

10. World on A Wire: Grade A+

R.W. Fassbinder’s long lost Sci-Fi epic gets a pretty fitting retro look, but what makes this poster great is the feeling that it is a tight fisted explanation point, declaring the voice of a powerful artist still lives. Nothing expresses this more than the line at the top of the poster “Science Fiction by Rainer Werner Fassbinder”.

– James Merolla

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