Tuesday Poster Round Up

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1. Malu de Bicicleta: Grade C+

The use of color is great in this poster, but it is a little loud and cluttered. Particularly the font of the title is an interesting choice.

2. Incendies: Grade B

The red is gorgeous, but what makes it that way is the use of shadows and black to offset it. There is one downfall, and it is something that I deduct points from with posters every week, but it’s a little crowded with text.

3. Another Year: Grade C+

Another great use of color, particularly the way the off-white background complements the browns and pastels of the tree. However, there are far too many critic blurbs and stars, completely unnecessary.

4. Stone: Grade C

Milla Jovovich makes this poster interesting. De Niro and Norton are just taking up space. Other than the beauty of Jovovich, the poster has a gritty look to it, that isn’t particularly original but it still looks good.

5. The Freebie: Grade C-

I’m feeling generous today. I could have very easily given this poster a ‘D’ but I gave it a closer look and decided it was worthy of better. The contrast of the red sheet against Sheppard and Aselton’s skin is actually quite pretty.

6. Carlos: Grade B+

Here is a gritty throwback to great posters of the 60’s and 70’s. It doesn’t quite pull it off entirely, but the fuzzy sepia look is stylish nonetheless.

7. The Tourist: D

Photoshop works really well at erasing every imperfection on one’s skin. Who doesn’t love the smooth boredom of a blank photoshopped face?

8. The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest: Grade B

The dragon may be a little cheesy, but the grays and blacks give it an eerie depth, and the use of green is a nice touch.

9. True Grit: B+

There isn’t much too the runner-up for this week, and perhaps I like so much because of my anticipation of the film, but the blood red against the weathered look is striking, yet subtle.

10. For Colored Girls: Grade A

A few weeks ago there was another poster for this film on the Poster Round-up and some said deserved Poster of The Week status. This week, I make up for that supposed error by giving the honor to this gorgeous splash of color. There isn’t much else to be said about this poster, it speaks for itself. A simple white background works well to accentuate the mix of color and provocative design.

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