Tuesday Poster Round-Up

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1. Heroine: Grade C-

Well, it does look like a genuine magazine cover, unfortunately it isn’t a particularly interesting magazine cover.

2. Angels of Evil: Grade C

The stylized violence is on display, but it still lacks that eye catching spark. The red is always great, but my nemesis, clutter rears its ugly head again.

3. Monk: Grade B-

The simple intensity of Vincent Cassel is what this poster is all about, and really, why shouldn’t it be?

4. Beginners: Grade C

Why is it that Melanie Laurent and Christopher Plummer are the only interesting parts of this poster. Ewan McGregor, the star of the film, seems like he would be more at home in a GAP ad.

5. Bell Flower: Grade B

There is an odd mood to this poster, as if it were dredged from a 1970’s poster scrap heap. It is a comforting nostalgia.

6. Goold’s Gold: Grade D

Where the poster for Bell Flower had an odd 70’s homage to it, this poster has an odd sexual suggestiveness to it. Maybe it’s just me. Either way, it’s a pretty dull poster.

7. Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Grade B+

Boy, do I want to hate this poster, but it is so damn pretty.

8. Colombiana: Grade B-

This poster should be something I absolutely love, but I feel like I’ve seen it before. Despite its striking color, it is somewhat bereft of originality.

9. Aurora: Grade A

The distressed weathered look is a nice touch, but what sets this poster apart from others is the discreet detailing of the clothing on the figure.

10. Our Idiot Brother: Grade A+

The color and the texture of the poster immediately brings to mind old school Bazooka Joe comics. The color dances and mingles with the goofy smile on Paul Rudd, a very fun poster.

– James Merolla

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