Tuesday Poster Round-Up

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1. Transformers: Dark of The Moon: Grad C

Another bland poster, but at the very least we can make out some of the details of Optimus Prime. Usually in images for Transformers films, the robots look like a hulking mound of scrap metal.

2. John Carter: Grade B-

As much as I like red, I think this poster would be better without it. A simple off-center image against a black background might be nicer.

3. Servitude: Grade B

Dave Foley, the consummate Canadian funny man, in a ten gallon hat, and a belt buckle the size of a dinner plate. It’s hard not to appreciate that.

4. Crazy Stupid Love: Grade C+

The separation between art and promotion at times can be maddening for one who simply appreciates poster art, this is a good example. The image is provocative and fun, but at the bottom of the poster we see a row of head shots of all the stars that distracts the eye.

5. The Mask of Sanity: Grade C-

This poster gets the indifference award for the week. There is nothing I can say about it other than the fact it is lazy and unimagined.

6. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2: Grade F

There are few films recently whose posters have felt more uninspired than the final chapter of the Harry Potter franchise. I chose this poster, because though it is the worst, it is somehow better than the rest. It is so bad that it seems a lot of effort went into it being bad, unlike every other poster I have seen for this film.

7. Tree of Life: Grade B-

The soft imagery offers a dreamy, almost childish feel. It even manages to evoke the lazy haze of a summer afternoon.

8. Vampires: Grade B

Simple, playful, with a fun little jab at the recent vampire uprising in pop culture.

9. Leap Year: Grade B+

We see a sad, and almost uncomfortable intimacy in this poster. It is human vulnerability on display.

10. Footloose: Grade A

I love the open spaces and the James Dean Americana. This poster should hang in a dusty collectible shop next to a velvet portrait of Elvis, and a faded war bond poster.

– James Merolla

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