Tuesday Poster Round Up

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1. Beneath The Dark: Grade D

There really isn’t much going on in this poster, and it seems rather lazy. The fog which seems to be serving to subvert some sort of message doesn’t seem to be used in a clever  interesting way, it merely looks ugly.

2. You Won’t Miss Me: Grade B

This is a great use of an intimate shot, though not terribly original, and the color and text jump from the poster.

3. 127 Hours: Grade C+

This is a clever design, but unlike the poster for You Won’t Miss Me it seems a little too fashioned and smooth, where a little more intimate detail would serve it well.

4. The Way Back: Grade C-

The bottom image is great, but the images of the featured actors are rather mundane, and unfortunately take up most of the poster.

5. Erotic Man: Grade B

A great use of color, and the image, interestingly enough, almost looks like it was taken from an old grainy documentary, which is a nice changeup from the usual glossy poster.

6. Uncle Boonmee: Grade B+

Another great poster for this most anticipated film. Much like the first Boonmee poster reviewed for The Poster Round Up, this one is also shrouded in a mysterious surrealism. It seems like a snap shot from a vivid dream.

7. Good Neighbours: Grade B

Red! Maybe a little too much, and I’m aware that I have criticized the overabundance of red in many posters in the past, but I’ve lightened up on the use of the color, and I’ve seen some great posters covered in red recently, including this one. The saturation of the color immediately stirs the viewer.

8. Of Gods and Men: Grade C+

I am a sucker for religious imagery, and though somewhat minimal this poster has the cryptic detail that comes with said imagery. However, it is the minimal use of the imagery, and the cheesy suggestion with the sun coming through the window that keeps it from getting a higher grade.

9. The Hunter: Grade A-

The gloomy backdrop, and framing is perfect. Particularly good is the faded green of the car, and the withered dead trees in the background, a very moody poster.

10. The Brest Fortress: Grade A

Featuring a sensitive, provocative image, this poster immediately calls to mind war films like Come and See and Ivan’s Childhood with it’s blackened face of fear and survival.

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